05. junij 2017

Meyco Suprema overhauled to perfection

Meyco PotenzaMeyco Suprema is used by means of the wet method of spraying concrete. This method is used in tunnels and on other construction sites. Meyco Suprema and Meyco Potenza are remarkable pieces of equipment. Thus, they are present everywhere on the planet, where construction workers must apply a lot of concrete, and, at the same time, where fine quality is a must. Meyco Suprema and Meyco Potenza shotcrete machines are the most desired machines for applying wet concrete in the world. Every device’s lifespan, however, comes to an end once. Meyco Potenza surely cannot be an exception. However, Meyco shotcrete machine can be saved. Meyco Potenza can be overhauled. Our enterprise is outstanding at overhauling used Meyco machines. In addition, we can provide some other excellent devices or spare parts, e.g. a high tip bucket or a Meyco Suprema concrete pump.

Meyco SupremaOverhauled Meyco Suprema goes a long way

There is no need to buy a brand new Meyco Suprema if it is possible to overhaul a used Meyco Potenza. Plenty of money can be saved by buying used Meyco machines. Our enterprise follows all the steps necessary for overhauling to be extremely efficient. We substitute the parts that need to be replaced and build in brand new spare parts. Consequently, our Meyco shotcrete machine achieves the level of perfection quite similar to the new machines. In this manner, it is possible to obtain an excellent piece of machinery for a bargain price. Saving money in investment will make your business competitive in comparison to the companies which purchase new machines.

Meyco Potenza is a remarkable piece of machinery

Meyco Suprema concrete pump’s performance is really excellent. Therefore, we are glad that our overhauling saves these remarkable pieces of machinery. There is absolutely no reason why so fine pieces of technologies should be wasted. Overhauling the Meyco Suprema machines is good for the customer and good for the environment.